Workshop Pembuatan Alat Peraga Bagi Guru SD Negeri 1 Gunung Terang

  • Buang Saryantono STKIP PGRI Bandar Lampung
  • Fitriana Rahmawati STKIP PGRI Bandar Lampung
Keywords: Props


Mathematics is a science that deals with examining the forms of an abstract structure and the relationships between these things. To be able to understand it, an understanding of the concepts contained in Mathematics is needed. Because of its abstract nature, learning in mathematics is still needed by objects that become intermediaries or teaching aids that function to make concrete so that the facts are clearer and more easily accepted by students. The presence of teaching aids in mathematics learning in this activity is able to improve student learning activities and facilitate students in learning mathematics. The target of the implementation of this service activity is children in the Gunung Terang region. This service activity was held on October 13, 2018 and took place at SD Negeri 1 Gunung Terang which was attended by 19 participants. From the results of the evaluation, the results and benefits of this service activity were obtained including providing knowledge about making teaching aids for teachers in learning mathematics.