Pelatihan Penyusunan Proposal Kegiatan Pada Karyawan di PT Tempo Scan Pasifik TBK

  • Riska Alfiawati STKIP PGRI Bandar Lampung
  • Sudarmaji Sudarmaji STKIP PGRI Bandar Lampung
Keywords: proposal, PT Tempo, Training


This training is intended so that PT Tempo Scan Pasifik TBK di Tanjung karang pusat, Bandar Lampung can prepare activity proposals properly. The activity proposal is a plan that is poured into the form of a work plan. This proposal is made before an activity is carried out to obtain permission or also to find event sponsors. PT Tempo Scan Pasifik TBK which is medical, clinical and aesthetic. PT Tempo Scan Pasifik TBK which is engaged in health and beauty products. This company is a consumer goods company domiciled in Jakarta which was established in Jakarta on November 3, 1953, registered as a public company and has been officially publicly listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange with code TSPC since June 17, 1994. The research method used is observation, interview and socialization. The enthusiasm of the youth was quite good when the activity proposal preparation training was carried out. Proposal making is one of the skills needed to advance PT Tempo Scan Pasifik TBK. By having the capability and ability in making proposals, youth will find it easy to find financial assistance that can support existing activities within PT Tempo Scan Pasifik TBK.