Workshop Model Pembelajaran Inovatif Bagi Guru SMP Negeri 27 Bandar Lampung

  • Buang Saryantono STKIP PGRI Bandar Lampung
  • Fitriana Rahmawati STKIP PGRI bandar lampung
  • Nani Anggraini STKIP PGRI Bandar Lampung
Keywords: innovative learning model, learning, workshop


The learning model is one of the elements that must be mastered by teachers which aims to create a more pleasant, and more efficient learning atmosphere so that students can understand the material presented more optimally. Currently, many innovative learning models have been created that have been applied in the learning process. For this reason, the idea was sparked in a workshop on the application of innovative learning models at SMP Negeri 27 Bandar Lampung. The objectives of community service activities are; 1) improve teachers' understanding of innovative learning models, 2) improve teacher skills in applying learning models. The target of this community service activity is the teachers of SMP 27 Bandar Lampung. The activity took place through the provision of information with presentations on innovative learning models, discussions with participants, as well as discussing the strengths and weaknesses of each innovative learning model. The next step is a simulation of an innovative learning model. from community service activities in the form of 1) teacher learning outcomes for innovative models, 2) improving teacher skills in applying learning models obtained during community service are directly used by teachers in class.