Sosialisasi dan Pelatihan Manajemen Koperasi Menuju Koperasi yang Profesional di Desa Bangun Sari Kecamatan Bekri Kabupaten Lampung Tengah

  • Nurdin Hidayat STKIP PGRI Bandar Lampung
  • Kharisma Idola Arga STKIP PGRI Bandar Lampung
  • Elvandri Yogi Pratama STKIP PGRI Bandar Lampung
Keywords: cooperatives, quality of human resources


The growth of cooperatives at this time is not so high, because it is caused by some obstacles experienced both in the institutional field and in the field of cooperatives themselves. Koperasi Desa Bangun Sari is one of the cooperatives in Lampung Tengah Regency that already has many members. But still facing some obstacles including lack of mastery of technology and access to information, lack of knowledge about cooperatives and also lack of information on requirements for filing third party funds. So that the service implementation team strives to conduct socialization and training to management and cooperative members in terms of improving the quality of human resources and management of cooperative management in terms of capital, mastery of technology, access to information. At the end of this mentoring activity, the participants of the assistance, namely management and cooperative members have been able to make cooperative reports and have also been able to and understand information about cooperatives and loan application requirements.