• Kadek Resianto
Keywords: Hayam Wuruk, the majapahit kingdom


In general, the Majapahit kingdom is the largest Hindu-Buddhist kingdom in Indonesia. The history of the establishment of the Majapahit kingdom was founded by Raden Wijaya in 1293 AD. The name Majapahit comes from the bitter taste of Maja fruit. This kingdom reached its peak during the time of Hayam Wuruk and Patih Gajah Mada who managed to dominate the archipelago. The goal is to know the history of Majapahit in terms of politics, economy, social, culture and religion that developed during the Hayam Wuruk period. The author uses a qualitative descriptive approach with the Historical method. In this case, Histori research collects data from heuristics, source criticism, interpretation and to historiography or historical writing related to the Majapahit kingdom during the Hayam Wuruk period in 1350-1389 AD. From a political point of view, Majapahit uses a king system or Absolute Monarchy where all government is held by the king himself. From an economic point of view, it relies on agrarian, maritime, and trade systems. government and dividing the work of the Majapahit community. Its culture was heavily influenced by Hinduism - Buddhism and the many writers who existed during the Hayam Wuruk period. There were only two religions in the first Majapahit, namely Hinduism and Buddhism, but Islam was able to develop at the end of the Hayam Wuruk period. Until finally the Majapahit kingdom was replaced by the Demak kingdom in Central Java.


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