Pelatihan Penyusunan dan Penerjemahan Undangan Digital Dalam Bahasa Inggris Bagi Karyawan Percetakan Cinde


  • Eva Nurchurifiani STKIP PGRI Bandar Lampung
  • Febriyanti Febriyanti STKIP PGRI Bandar Lampung
  • Try Indiastuti K STKIP PGRI Bandar Lampung
  • Martina Napida STKIP PGRI Bandar Lampung
  • Epi Sari STKIP PGRI Bandar Lampung


Invitation, Translation, English


Information technology is a technology that makes it easier for humans to convey information to each other accurately and quickly. This technology itself consists of software and hardware needed to convey this information. For examples are websites, television, radio, and so on. The first positive side of technological development is the ease of receiving information, both local and international. This technological development is accompanied by a fairly high use of English. Likewise, the delivery of invitation information. Currently, invitations are often sent via social media or electronic mail in the form of digital invitations. Therefore, this community service aims to provide training to Cinde printing employees to make digital invitations using English. This activity was carried out on October 23, 2023 at the Cinde printing shop from ten o'clock until the end. This activity was attended by five people. This activity is expected to provide knowledge to Cinde employees and increase employee productivity.