Sosialisasi Program Sastra Masuk Kurikulum untuk Meningkatkan Literasi


  • Galuh Dwi Ajeng STKIP PGRI Bandar Lampung
  • Yulia Siska STKIP PGRI Bandar Lampung
  • Adenan Damiri STKIP PGRI Bandar Lampung
  • Futri Rahayu STKIP PGRI Bandar Lampung
  • Kadek Devi Panter Reza Pebriani STKIP PGRI Bandar Lampung


Literacy, independent curriculum, Literature, State Elementary School


This service activity aims to improve the ability to promote a program called “Sastra Masuk Kurikulum” to teachers of SD Negeri Kaliawi 1, Bandar Lampung (Kaliawi 1 State Elementary School in Bandar Lampung). This program aims to assist teachers in utilizing literary works in “Kurikulum Merdeka”. It is hoped that the growing of students’ reading literacy is achieved. This service was carried out through a socialization method targeting the teachers of “SD Negeri Kaliawi 1”. The socialization took place on June 12, November 2024, at the meeting room of “SD Negeri Kaliawi 1” teachers in Bandar Lampung. The results obtained from this activity are: 1) increased understanding of the literature program entering the curriculum among teachers, and 2) improved ability of teachers to prepare the literature program for “sastra masuk kurikulum”.