Workshop Menulis Imajinatif dan Self Healing Anak Didik Pemasyarakatan Sungai Raya Kabupaten Kubu Raya


  • Mai Yuliastri Simarmata IKIP PGRI Pontianak
  • Dewi Leni Mastuti IKIP PGRI Pontianak
  • Rini Agustina IKIP PGRI Pontianak
  • Adisti Primi Wulan IKIP PGRI Pontianak
  • Dini Hajjafiani IKIP PGRI Pontianak


Character, self-healing, imaginative


The activities carried out in Community Service (PKM) at the Sungai Raya Prison for Correctional Students in Kubu Raya Regency give enthusiastic meaning in a good (positive) mindset. Activities carried out through a training process on the 6 pillars of character education which include; 1) tolerance, 2) caring, 3) self-confidence, 4) respect, 5) responsibility, and 6) honesty. As well as imaginative writing mentoring training. This activity can be seen in the workshop activity process. The most urgent thing in this activity is managing character management, assisting in expressing emotions in written form. The PKM team was moved to see the anxiety of Correctional Students in their lack of expressing their feelings. There is no place to share stories until Correctional Students feel the negative effects that are constantly undermining their hearts and minds. Activities carried out for 2 days. The results of the implementation of PKM obtained 90% of Correctional Students can pour out their hearts through the writing that has been collected.